How does it work?

You can now book a make-up lesson if you are going to miss a class, capped at 4 times in a term. For example, if you are going to miss a class this week, you will need to attend your regular lesson and a make-up lesson within your 10 weeks term. You will need to inform the school at least 2 hours in advance. No special consideration will be entertained.

What is the difference between a make-up lesson and a replacement lesson?

Replacement lesson acts as an extra lesson to replace your missed class capped at 2 times per term. However, with the make-up lesson, you can now arrange to catch up the missed lesson. This allows you to catch up with the class progression soonest.

Will I still be able to come for 2 replacement lessons in week 11 and week 12?

No, we will be phasing out the replacement lessons system with make-up lessons gradually.

Can I choose to attend my make-up lesson with my current instructor?

Yes, we will give priority for you to have make-up lessons with your current instructor. If there is no suitable class, we will arrange your make-up lessons with a class of similar level under a different coach.

Can I choose between weekday or weekend for my make-up lesson?

Yes, you can choose to have it either on a weekday or weekend.

Can I choose to go to a different branch?

Yes, you can choose to have your make-up lesson at any of our branches.

What if I can’t make it again for my make-up lesson?

You will need to inform the School at least 2 hours in advance if you will miss your make-up lesson. You will need to activate another make-up credit for rescheduling again.

Complimentary 1-minute Milestone Underwater Video

Applicable for Infant, Toddler and Kids, we will be providing a complimentary 1-minute milestone video per term to students who achieved 100% regular attendance (or chooses not to utilise the make-up credits) to document their journey with us and as well as to show their progression and development at Happy Fish. You can upgrade three credits of 1-minute milestone videos to one featured video too.