Come onboard to develop the early years swimming culture in our community together


To equip everyone in our community with proper swimming skills starting from babies 4 months old

South-East Asia is the global hotspot for drowning at 31% of global drowning death and young children aged 1-4 years are at the highest risk of drowning. With that in mind, we are committed develop the early years swimming education and culture in the region…

…and we are looking for like-minded people to join our growing family.

Position Starting salary Requirement
Weekend coach SGD1200 8 hours a week. No experience or qualification required. Need to go through Happy Fish in-house training program
Full time coach SGD3200 Complete Happy Fish in-house training and internship program
Weekend crew SGD8-10 per hour 16 hours a week
Full time crew SGD2200 – SGD2400


Please email [email protected] with your resume to arrange an interview. See you soon!