Terms and Conditions for SwimSafer Test

i. The Swimsafer Tester / Instructor and the pool authority reserve the exclusive rights to cancel or postpone the Swimsafer Test in bad weather conditions for safety reasons. SwimSafer assessment will be conduct as usual under drizzling rain.
ii. There will be no compensation, make-up or refund for absenteeism, late coming or cancelation of any sort once your SwimSafer test slot is confirmed.
iii. The Swimsafer test slot is not transferable to any third parties once confirmed.
iv. We reserve the rights to postpone/cancel the SwimSafer test due to unforeseen circumstances.



Health and Indemnity

  • I am aware of the risks involved in the Swimsafer Programme and hereby confirm my/my child’s participation in this Programme. If during the term of the Programme, I/my child am/is feeling unwell, taking medication or carrying an injury, I undertake to inform the Swimsafer Instructor of the condition prior to participating in the Programme.
  • In any case, I shall not hold Singapore Sports Council, its SwimSafer Instructors, officers, or agents responsible or liable for any death, personal injury, loss or damanage that I/my child may suffer or incur in connection with this Programme or from my/my child participation in it.