Scuba Diving Course

It is amazing how far mankind has progressed.

With an incomparable human brain, we have broken physical limits to fly into the air; dive deep underwater and even broke the threshold of space.

It is obscenely expensive to be a space tourist and even babies have taken to the air. Therefore, the next experience to add to one’s skills and subsequent holiday activities is naturally diving.

Diving, when safely done, opens one’s eyes to the magnificent splendor our vast oceans have to offer. Lest you forget, water covers 70% of the earth’s surface!

Swim alongside turtles, baby sharks and stingrays. See a real Nemo clown fish in its natural habitat. View magnificent coral reefs that literally take your breath away.

After accumulating enough diving experience, one will discover diving is actually as effortless as swimming, allowing one to de-stress while soaking in the fantastic scenery Mother Nature has to offer.

Relish in the limitless boundaries of the sea as opposed to physical road constraints on land. Float along peacefully as you begin to lose yourself in a whole new world, eventually becoming one with the marine environment.

Moreover, diving is more than an ordinary skill or another sea sports. It is an unmatchable way to make friends, explore different marine life of different countries and climates, and at the same time, learning more about our fragile environment and raising environmental awareness.

Like any other skill, it is critical to work with an experienced and professional coach who prioritize safety and inspire students. As a fully qualified marine biologist, our diving instructor is very knowledgeable about marine creatures. One would surely be astounded at his fascinating diving stories. To know more about our dive promotions, please click here.