Dear Happy Fishes,

We are as eager as you to resume lessons after being away for almost 3 months! Let us first provide a quick update on the requisite safe-distancing measures and what we have been working on to welcome you back. All lessons will resume on 26th June 2020. Should you wish to enquire on your lesson matters, we encourage you to contact us through our WhatsApp or email so that our staff can assist you soonest.

  • A complete touch-up on our swimming pools
  • Change of layout to accommodate crowd and safe-distancing measures
  • Segregated groups and smaller class size
  • Contactless experience
  • A self-disinfecting anti-microbial coating that can last for at least 2 years has been applied on all frequently touched surfaces¬†

Safe Environment as our priority

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the premises
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of baby changing station after every usage
  • Sanitizing of entire premises with UV light and disinfecting spray daily
  • All instructors will wear face shield to conduct lessons
  • Hairdryers will not be loaned
  • Hand sanitizer and hand soap are provided
  • All visitors above 2 years old are required to put on mask within the premises
  • Temperature screening for all prior to admission
  • Safe Entry check-in and out is required
  • Classes will be conducted in separated lanes to avoid inter-mingling. Each lane holds up to 2 sets of parents. The coach can have 3 lanes each time, under strict safety measures
  • Parents are discouraged to inter-mingle with others
  • Cashless mode of payment is strongly encouraged via Paylah/Paynow or Internet banking

Crowd control measures

  • Staggered starting time to reduce crowd at arrival and dismissal
  • Practice pool will be closed
  • Entering the premises 15 minutes before your lesson and we seek your understanding to leave the premises within 15 minutes of the end of your lesson
  • Only 1 accompanying parent in water for infants and toddlers classes
  • Parent or other accompanying adult assisting should wait outside the premises during lesson time
  • No waiting around the pool deck will be allowed. Parent assisting the older kids (in kids class) will be allowed to re-enter to assist their child after lesson
  • An exception of 1 accompanying adult within the premises will be extended to children who requires the special attention, on a case-by-case basis

We are grateful for your continued trust, patience and loyalty and we sincerely apologize for the temporary inconveniences. We seek your understanding as we all remain socially responsible and stand in solidarity to support the nation to fight against Covid-19.