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The long awaited March holidays are starting this coming weekends. For most students, this one week break from school allows them time to relax and get their mind off school. For parents, it is a good time to spend quality time with your children. Perhaps taking them for a swim could be a family activity that you can consider this holidays. However, if you do decide on doing that, do remember to follow these water safety guidelines.


Regardless of the number of lifeguards present at the swimming complex, at least one parent should be there as well to provide careful and constant supervision of your child.  This is because lifeguards have numerous people to pay attention to and they can’t always focus on just one individual. At least when you are around and something were to go wrong, you can alert them in time. Drowning is one of the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. For pre-school children, you should be an arm’s reach away from them for precautions.

If you decide on taking your child abroad to enjoy some water activities in the open waters, the first thing you have to make sure is that they have the necessary swimming skills and water survival knowledge. Regardless of how good a swimmer they are, they should still put on a life jacket. Once they have their life jackets on, it does not mean that they can be neglected. You as a parent will still have to be there to supervise them.

If your child has yet to pick up swimming, maybe it is a good time to do so during this period. Many parents always ask when is the most ideal age to get their children started. The truth is that infants on their own are already ready for such classes. However, if you feel that it isn’t the right time, then we would recommend you to start them at around four years old. You might be concern that at four years old, they are merely toddlers and might not be able to cope. You can trust that our instructors are certified and qualified enough to ensure your child’s safety and at the same time, provide them with enriching and fulfilling swimming lessons.

To learn more about Happy Fish Swim School, you can check out our Swimming Lessons For Toddlers as well as Swimming Lessons For Kids. We sure do look forward to seeing you at the pool!