TheOxBaby Bash

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Free Snuglyfit™ Swim Diaper

Terms & Conditions

  • Parents must inform the school minimum 2 hours before the lesson for any rescheduling of session.
  • In the event if you would like to reschedule, you may change to any of our TheOxBaby trial availability dates or top-up the difference to our usual trial fee ($58.85) to reschedule to another day.
  • Kindly note that only a one-time rescheduling is allowed.
  • Parent’s involvement is required for all infant’s and toddler’s (kids under 5 years old) classes. In view of Covid-19, the School will only allow one parent to participate.
  • Accompanying adult must wear appropriate tight-fitting swim attire. Strictly no form of boardshorts, long pants and non-Happy Fish t-shirts are allowed.
  • Children below 5 years old are required to wear approved snugly fitting swim diapers (iPlay™ and SnuglyFit™). Strictly no other brands of swim diapers are allowed. Swim diaper of said brands can be purchased at outlets, subjected to availability. 
  • Coach for trial & regular class may be different
  • If you wish to sign up for any regular class after the trial session, it will be subjected to availability. In the event that there are no available classes, we may have to place you on wait-list.
  • The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone the lesson in an unforeseen situation or when a relief coach is unavailable.
  • The School reserves the right to reschedule the commencement date of classes if the class size does not meet the minimum requirement.
  • Other general Terms and Conditions apply