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Source: PUB Singapore

Traditionally, there are fewer people who like to learn swimming during the rainy season. However, recently, this trend has changed direction. There is a trend toward increasing enquiries during this rainy season. We are not sure whether it has to do with the recent flood in Singapore.

Singapore is a structured city and encounters fewer floods than any other country. But recently, the rain god has proven us wrong. The city was flooded three times within a month. Even though the drainage system works well, the flood was still unavoidable due to heavy rain.

There was a lady who nearly drowned during the flood a few weeks ago. This has alerted the public that it’s time to equip themselves with a new life skill — Swimming. Of course, we don’t learn swimming because there was a flood in Singapore; it’s because swimming is helpful to know for our daily activities. Don’t forget we live on a small island surrounded by water. We really should know how to swim as no one can predict what’s going to happen next.

” Swimming is a very important aspect of your life. For the safety of you and your family, you should really learn swimming even if you are not taking lessons from Happy Fish. “