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I’ve heard from some of my friends that they only took up swimming when they were older.

The reason: their parents were afraid to let them learn while they were younger as they feared that their child will get asthma due to the cold water as well as the chlorine used to treat the water.


This would only be the case if the swimming pools are poorly maintained. In Singapore, however, our public pools have a certain criteria and expectation to meet. A failure to do so would mean that that the swimming pool wouldn’t be able to operate at all.


Research shows that asthmatic kids who participated in a 2-month long consistent swimming program showed a decent sign of improvements in all clinical variables compared with their previous medical history. This includes symptoms, medical leave and even hospital visits. After the research concluded, these benefits were still visible up to a full year.

In my honest opinion, swimming is still the best form of exercise there is! Why do I think so? Well firstly, swimming doesn’t cause any wheeziness or chest tightness compared to other sports such as running outdoors. Secondly, swimming causes the minimum amount of chest tightness and therefore, it’s actually a good exercise for people suffering from asthma.

If you think about, running outdoors would require you breathing in the dry and cold air causing your asthma to be worse. Swimming, on the other hand, allows you to take in the warm and moist air. This is why swimming is generally considered a better sport than outdoor running for asthmatic patients.


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