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Whichever sport that you participate in, there are always certain rules and guidelines to follow, swimming is no different. Just last week, I was enjoying my usual swim when someone abruptly cut into my lane. It not only disrupts me from swimming, but it was also dangerous as the person did’t look or check his “blind spots” before cutting in!

In my opinion, it is quite rude to simply cut into someone’s lane while they are swimming. Therefore, if you would like to learn to be a well-mannered swimmer and get along with others at the pool, it would be advisable for you to follow the set of swimming etiquette.

  • Firstly, gauge the speed of each lane and only join the lane where the swimmers are of the same pace as you. The reason being, it is distracting for others to constantly pass slower swimmers.
  • Secondly, you can swim following the middle line only if you are alone in that lane. However, if there are two swimmers in that lane, each swimmer should swim in a half of the lane.
  • Thirdly, once you decide to join a lane, slowly enter into the water and wait on the side till the other swimmers are aware and proceed only when the space is available.
  • Next, do not dive into the lane. This can be distracting and disturbing for swimmers fully focus on doing their laps and unaware of what is happening.
  • Also, remember not to push off from the wall right in front of a faster swimmer. Allow him/her pass first. Likewise, do not push off right behind a slower swimmer to pass him. Allow him some space before pushing off.
  • Finally, if you decide to rest or chat with a friend, do it at the sides of the lane so that you do not obstruct the lane end for other swimmers.
Please try your best to follow the set of swimming etiquette to make our public pools a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience for all swimmers. =)