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Perhaps not the most popular of the swimming aids available, water noodles are long supple cylinders made of foam.


There are quite a few uses of water noodles. Firstly, they can be used as a float. Secondly, it can be used as a pool toy for children. Lastly, it works as a workout equipment for water aerobics. The more popular ones are made from solid foam and comes in different colours.


Firstly, water noodles float extremely well in water, aiding anyone who wishes to learn swimming. Secondly, it is the best aid to keep you afloat in a vertical position without any movements of your arms and legs. Thirdly, it provides a more natural support in water as compared to a kick board.


How to Use?

  1. Place it on your back under both your armpits to float in a vertical position, then learn how to thread water, scull water and flutter kick.
  2. Place it across your chest and under your armpits in a horizontal position to practice your kicking techniques for the freestyle and the breaststroke.
  3. To practice the backstroke, lay facing up and put it around your neck, then extend your arms to your side.
  4. To practice the scissors kick used in the sidestroke, lay in a horizontal position and place it under your lower armpit.

Do take note that swimming aids can only help if you already have the very basic foundation and knowledge of swimming. If you require assistance, do not hesitate to register with Happy Fish Swim School HERE!