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Many children enjoy playing in the water and will gladly accept a day at the swimming pool. As fun as it may seem, swimming pools can be rather dangerous venues for children. Sufficient parental supervision is required to ensure that no accidents occur. The main danger is clearly drowning. However, there are precautions that parents and children themselves can take to prevent such incidents from happening.


Firstly, never take glass bottles to the pool area. The reason being that if it were to break and fall into the pool, people might not notice it. It can be seen as rather invisible, especially when it is underwater. In fact, it is not easy to locate and remove it.

Secondly, when you are taking your child to the pool, always ensure that at least one lifeguard is on duty before allowing your child to enter the pool. There are times when the lifeguard is on a toilet break and the area is left unattended. It is not recommended to let your child into the pool when no lifeguard is available to provide supervision. Yes, as a parent, you have the responsibility of keeping an eye out for your child. However, it is ideal to have more than a pair of eyes watching. Furthermore, an expert would be more awake if there seems to be trouble brewing. As a parent, you still have to keep your child in sight at all times.

Thirdly, before your child enters the pool, always remind them of the set of rules that you have set. These rules can be in the form of how deep they can venture to or how long they can spend in the water. Such rules are significant in preventing accidents from occurring. If your child complies to the rules that you have set, you can consider rewarding them.

Fourthly, children must be protected from the sun at all times. This is where sunscreen comes into play. The highly recommended type is those that are water resistant. Although it can be slightly more expensive, it ensures that your child receives ample protection that would not be washed off by water.

Lastly, if you realise that there are older children in the pool playing rough and disturbing your child, withdraw your child from the pool once you notice them feeling uncomfortable. Don’t force them to participate. Instead, allow them time to adjust to the new environment slowly.

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