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AbouT Happy Fish Maintainence & Repairs

Happy Fish Maintenance & Repair Services offers absolute reliability and overall value unparalleled. Our past experiences have made us to be accustomed to the unique needs, preferences, spatial limitations and budget of each client, especially when it comes to residential swimming pool construction. Our personalised swimming pool construction services range from swimming pool design, installation and maintenance. All our construction works use top tier equipment and swimming pool parts. We also offer free on-site measurement and consultation, with complimentary quote estimates on the spot.

Say goodbye to harmful UV and cold & heavy chlorinated water.

Our customised indoor pool is running on high-quality salt chlorinator combined with UV & Ionizer system. UV is the non-chemical technology used by New York City to purify drinking water. The results are equally impressive in swimming pools. You’ll enjoy a pool that is safe, healthy, and a lot easier to manage. UV does the heavy lifting which lowers chlorine demand up to 90%. Bacteria and other disinfection by-products are safely eliminated.

We maintain pool temperature at 30-32 Celsius during lesson time, so be assured to enjoy the warm crystal clear water and say goodbye to shivers, stinging eyes, dry hair and skin!


Happy Fish also provides design, installation, and maintenance of M&E filtration systems for swimming pools and water features.

We have been the preferred partner for many aquatic centres, institutions and schools, condominiums and private houses, remaining as the top choice for consultants, developers, facilities management companies and pool owners for nearly 13 years.

With our experience and knowledge in both commercial and residential projects along with numerous M&E filtration systems for both categories. To further explain our expertise in swimming pools, we have also constructed both liner and fiberglass pools for indoor and outdoor pool projects.

With our customer-oriented focus, we will be sure to meet your expectations with our offerings!



Our Maintenance  Services

Inspection and Troubleshooting

As part of our preventive maintenance packages, our specialists will thoroughly inspect and diagnose the chemical parameters and troubleshoot system functionality of your swimming pool and aquatic features. We will advise and offer you the best solutions available given the condition of your system, and propose a suitable remedy and preventing any unwanted headaches or system breakdowns. 


Let our maintenance crew keep your swimming pool & aquatic features clean, safe and free from unnecessary system failures with our top tier maintenance services. Our Maintenance packages include regular cleaning and inspections of your system equipment at competitive market rates.


As the experts in mechanical and electrical repair works for over a decade, fear not should your system breakdown or have any issues. Our experienced repair crews will resolve any issues and deliver on time and on budget.

Heat Pump

Our heated pools are consisted of gas piping to keep the pools warm and maintained at 30-32 Celsius all year round.

Pipe Repairs

We also provide any pipe and plumbing repairs, and as well as sewage repairs


We provide any pipe remodelling as well as any modifications needed for your personalised pool needs.

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