Mid-Point Review towards a Covid-19 Resilient Nation

Issued: 10 August 2021 This guidance supersedes all announcements made by Happy Fish Swim School before this.

Following the latest announcement, Happy Fish Swim School is resuming operations in two phases.

From 13 August, Friday (@ WILD WILD WET and JURONG OUTDOOR)

  1. Wild Wild Wet and Jurong Outdoor Pool lessons will resume full operations.
  2. All group and private classes will be conducted in multiple groups of 5 regardless of vaccination status.
  3. Wild Wild Wet branch will have group infants/toddlers/kids/adults and ladies classes.
  4. Jurong Outdoor branch will only have private infants/toddlers classes and group classes are for kids and adults/ladies only.

From 16 August, Monday (@ BEDOK, TURF CITY, DUKE’S and JURONG INDOOR)

  1. Bedok, Turf City, Duke’s, and Jurong East Indoor branches will reopen. However, NO GROUP CLASSES FOR INFANTS / TODDLERS / KIDS’ CLASSES WILL BE ALLOWED during this period (until further notice).
  2. Private lessons, Adult group classes will resume operations under the Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS).
  3. Only private classes will be allowed (for under 12) as they are not vaccinated. For 1-1, an accompanying caregiver is not required in the water. If the caregiver wants to be in the water, he/she must be fully vaccinated and from the same household. Accompanying adults in premise (not in water) must be MASKED.
  4. Private classes with more than 1 pax have to be from the same household and are limited to two different programs. For more than 1 pax, all infants/toddlers must also be accompanied by a vaccinated caregiver from the same household in water. 
  5. There should not be more than 5 pax (including the coach) at any one time.

    Legend: Blue Ticks = Fully Vaccinated, Red Cross = Not Vaccinated

6. All adult/ladies group classes will resume for all FULLY VACCINATED adults/ladies. If you are NOT FULLY VACCINATED, you can either

– transfer to outdoor pools (at Wild Wild Wet and Jurong East Outdoor Pool) or

– defer until we can cater for unvaccinated.

If you are keen to sign up for 1-1 private lessons or convert your remaining lesson balance to private lessons, please fill in this form https://forms.gle/DWat61QTJBySzxcL8. Do  note that once you have converted to private lessons, you will forfeit the videography. 

If you wish to convert your children’s lessons and put them into a private class under the same household (capped at 4 pax), please write in or speak to our friendly customer service officer at +65 65898650.

7. All videography sessions will resume from 16 August 2021. Will be capped at 4 pax from the same household and all above 12 years old caregivers MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED.

8. As long as you are returning to any of the indoor branches for lesson or videography session, we need you to make a declaration below.

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Thank you.