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Both Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte might have obtained their golden ticket to the 200 meters freestyle in the London Olympics, but their qualifying timings were way off. On Wednesday, during the U.S. Olympic trial, the dual produced one of the most thrilling performance. They gave a preview to the rest of the world of what they can expect in London.

It just so happened that they were chosen to be in the lane just beside one another. This caused them to pay attention to each other during the entire four-lap encounter. Both of them didn’t want to lose out to the other, so they went stroke for stroke. Eventually, Michael Phelps came out on top. He earned the first place and was only 0.05 seconds ahead of his rival, Ryan Lochte. However, Michael Phelps finished with a rather disappointing timing of one minute 45.70 seconds. Even he was not impressed with his own performance.

“In my eyes, 1:45.7 is not going to make the medal podium. When we’re next to each other we kind of play cat and mouse, we don’t just sort of jump out after it. We kind of see what each other does and play it out by feel the first couple of laps, and then when it comes down to it we just put every ounce of energy into the last 50 meters that we can and need to,” he said.

Although both of them were able to qualify for the London Olympics, Ryan Lochte felt that he made a critical error, which he could not afford to make again in London. “It was really easy. I thought I was going out for the mile. I was just not trying, and then the last 75 meters it was like, I’ve got to put it in gear but by that time it was a little late,” he said.

Bob Bowman, the coach of Michael Phelps, is pretty concerned that both Michael and Ryan will pay too much attention to one another that they will forget about the rest of their competition. This could potentially cause them both to lose out on the gold that they have been chasing after. “When they’re next to each other, they are so focused on racing each other, they do stuff like tonight, not take it out so fast. Michael got ahead, and he was like, ‘Well, I’m ahead of Ryan, I’m okay.'” And then Ryan is just waiting to make his move, and he makes his move and they do the cat and mouse stuff, and in the process of that they forgot to swim fast,” stated Bob. Read the full story here.

Nobody knows which of the two will come up on top in London. In fact, the gold medal might be taken away from both of them, right under their nose if they continue to compete only against each other. With less than 30 days to London, the showdown will definitely be epic and unforgettable. Happy Fish Swim School offers swimming lessons for the residents living in Singapore. Take a look at our website and we are certain that you will be able to find a lesson that is suitable for yourself!