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It is quite common for most of us to have this mentality when it comes to learning, “if we want to learn something new, we might as well learn it from the best”. This is exactly what the Japanese lifeguards have been doing for more than a decade. It is very much possible to pick up the skill from their own country. In fact, it would be much easier and cheaper too. However, the Japanese wants to learn from the very best. This is the reason why they head all the way to Gold Coast, Australia just to do so.


Every year, a group of lifeguards will go on the annual lifeguard exchange. In this exchange, the Japanese lifeguards will be able to learn rescue techniques from the Australians, who are considered to be the best in the business. The rescue techniques that they learnt will definitely come in handy if they were to face any encounters. Furthermore, after picking up new techniques, they can also share it with their fellow lifeguards back home. This would mean that there will be even more Japanese lifeguards who are better equipped with rescue techniques. With that, it will bring about a higher degree of proficiency for their lifeguards and an increased level of safety for the residents.

Last year, due to the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the exchange had to be put on hold. Lifeguard Yoichiro Kamioka was one of the lifeguards who were supposed to be on that exchange last year. However, he decided to postpone his trip without any hesitation so that he could help out at home. “It was a very difficult time,” he mentioned yesterday at Greenmount beach. According to countryman Yutaka Kuchiki, who was the first and only Japanese to become a lifeguard at Gold Coast six years ago, Japan’s surf season last for only two months. “It’s like Bondi Beach, but there can be 20,000 people there, easy,” he explained.

Although some of the Japanese that go on the exchange aren’t fluent in the English language, Chief lifeguard Warren Young said that it wasn’t a problem. He believes that if they have the love of the ocean and people in common, it will be enough to overcome the language barrier. For the full story, be sure to check it out here. If  you are looking for a Lifesaving Course in Singapore, you will be glad to know that Happy Fish Swim School offers such an advance program.