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To improve your freestyle breathing techniques you must first get your body position right. One problem many people have when trying to breathe while doing freestyle swimming is their lack of balance. If you body is not balanced in the water you will not be able to turn your head to breathe right.

Freestyle Breathing Technique

You need to make sure that you are rolling to the side and not only rotating your head when you go to breathe in. Make sure that you breathe all of your air out through your nose when your head is in the water, the air will come out in the form of bubbles, now when you rotate your head and your mouth is out of the water only take a breath in.

Do not try to breathe in and out in the same turn. Trying to breathe in and out in the same turn is a common mistake that many people make, and there is simply not enough time to do this, when you do try this you will feel like you are sinking and this will hurt your freestyle breathing techniques.

To practice breathing properly you should stand in the water with your arms at your side, bend forward to place your head in the water and practice breathing out through your nose turn your head and breathe in while your head is parallel to the water. Try to keep the top of your head down.

When you have your head turned to the left to breathe in, your right arm should be out in front of you, when your head turns to the right your left arm needs to be out in front of you.  This will help you keep your balance and improve your freestyle breathing techniques. Be conscious of not lifting the crown of your head, this will cause you to feel like you are starting to sink.

Stay aligned as you roll to take a breath of air, try to picture a straight line running through your body from your toes along your spine and through the top of your head. This will help your freestyle breathing techniques immensely. During

each breath, focus on keeping the hand that is in front stretched forward with your fingertips angled down.

After breathing in, focus on pushing the hip that is on the same side your turned to when you took a breath, down into the water.

So if you tur

ned your head to the right to breathe, force your right hip into the water when you put your face back in the water.

All of the breathing in and out while swimming takes a split second. Explaining it takes more time than the actual breathing. When you want to improve your freestyle breathing techniques, practice your breathing while standing in the water before you start to swim. Try to exhale completely through your nose with a final push as if you are breathing from your stomach before you turn to take a breath in.