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Emma Joyce might only be 17 years old, but do not let her age fool you. The open water swim star from the City of Milton Keynes has a trophy to brag about after taking part in her first ever Olympic Distance 10k open water swim at Bray Lake near Windsor on Saturday. Although, she was not the first person to touch the finish line, she was still the first woman to do so in two hours and fourteen minutes.


The race started early in the morning at 6:15am. Despite being at a tender age of 17 years old, she was still able to brave the cold and finished fourth on overall. The top three were all from the men’s category. Apart from being the first women to complete the race, she was also the first to finish the race without wearing a protective wet suit. Well, this would not be her only race to brag about. In fact, just the previous Saturday ago, she competed in another race.

Although the distance was not as long, it was still a 2,000m Pier-to-Pier race at Southsea, which is also an open water competition. She participated along with Daniel Joyce, her brother, in this race. Although it was Daniel’s first attempt at open water swimming, he still enjoyed the race and managed to pull off a mid place finish. On the other hand, Emma ended the race strong with a strong second place finish. It seems like the past two weeks have been pretty good for her, but that’s not about it yet.

Before the Pier-to-Pier race at Southsea, she was also involved in the Richard Early Trophy Home Relay Gala hosted by Witney & District Swim Club. This was a team event, where a huge team consisting of swimmers from the City of Milton Keynes and others from the Linslade Crusaders joined forces to compete in the gala which had a total of 41 events. All of which were relays. The team of 37 youngsters, ranging in age from 10 to 18, were in the lead for most of the competition. Unfortunately, they were only capable of a second place finish in the end. So that’s a total of two second place finishes and a first place finish for Emma over just a few weeks. This is something that she should be proud of. For the full story, check it out here.

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