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If you did not read our previous post on Diana Nyad’s Fourth Try to swim from Cuba across to Florida, do check it out. This post is about her putting an end to her fourth attempt over 35 years. Her hopes of setting a record were dashed when she suffered jellyfish stings. This led to her having swollen lips and even hypothermia. This was followed by shark threats and thunderous storms. She had no other choice but to call off the swim much to her dismay.


Diana was withdrawn from the waters at approximately 12:55am according to her crew. This was the time when the thunderstorm, winds and waves came at full force to the point where even her support boats were being tossed around. Candace Hogan, one of the crew members, mentioned that Diana wasn’t please about being pulled out from the water. She had even planned to return back in once the storms have subsided. “When can I get back in? I want full transparency that I was out. But I have plenty left in me and I want to go on,” were the words quoted.

As mentioned in the previous post, this was Diana’s fourth attempt to cross the Florida Straits and her third to do so without a shark cage. Diana, who has just turned 63, claimed that this would be her last try. However, she made the same promise to her friends last September as well. “I just don’t want to spend the rest of my life trying and failing and trying and failing this, but it’s a bear of a swim. I would hate to stand here again with you next year and say, ‘Well, didn’t make it again,'” stated Diana before she took off last week.

She made further progress as compared to her previous attempts. In total, she swam for more than 41 hours. “She realized that the obstacles against this swim were too great and agreed at dawn to return to Key West by boat. Instead of getting hit with one doozy they got hit with three. They got hit with the weather, they got hit with the jellyfish and they got hit with the sharks all at the same time. We all know her mind can handle it. But there will always be a point where a human body can’t go any farther. What no one knows is where that line is drawn in Diana Nyad,” explained some of her crew members.

It is truly a waste that Diana wasn’t able to complete what she had set out to do. Nonetheless, she should still be commended for her determination and courage. Not many people her age will even try something like that. At Happy Fish Swim School, we believe that our Adult Swimming Lessons can be catered to any adult regardless of their age. As long as you have the will power and drive to succeed, you will be able to make it happen!