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Last week, we wrote about Chole McCardel, an Australian woman who was about to attempt a world record swim. This week on Wednesday, she began her quest to swim from Havana, Cuba across to Florida. However, after she suffered from painful jellyfish stings, she had to admit defeat. On Thursday, she informed the press that she has no intention of attempting the swim another time.


She mentioned that she decided on doing the swim this month as she thought that the jellyfish danger was supposed to be low. Unfortunately, when she was about 11 hours and 14 miles into her expected 60-hour, 110-mile journey, she ended up in a swarm. The 28-year-old from Melbourne became the latest casualty of strong currents and fierce jellyfish of the Florida Straits. As a result, Chloe was denied of the glory to become the first person to swim across nonstop without a shark cage.

Her failure marks a total of five failures from three women swimmers who have been trying to complete the swim since 2011. According to a statement from her support team, she had already been taken on to one of her support vessels and was sailing to Key West. She would also require 24 hours to recover. “She got nailed all over her body — back, legs and arms. Nailed multiple times, all at the same time,” stated Bob Olin, skipper of the primary support boat, the Sunluver. He mentioned that his team tried their best to treat her wounds while she was in the water. However, the pain was unbearable so they had no other choice but to bring her on board a boat. According to Bob, Chloe has not said much since she left the water.

“It’s a tough night for Chloe McCardel, a superior swimmer and an exemplary spirit,” tweeted Diana Nyad, an endurance athlete who also tried the swim but failed on three separate occasions. For Diana, she still has a strong desire to take another shot this approaching summer. “As confident as I can be. I think it’s all going to work out well. It’ll be tough, though,” were the words of Chloe as she arrived in a pink 1950s Chevy convertible at a rocky jetty in western Havana, before she jumped into the water for her swim on Wednesday morning at 10am. For more of the story, you can view it from here.

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