Parent & Child Swimming Bootcamp

(Open for both existing and new students)

Dear Parents, with months of lockdown and no swim, we understand your concern about the little one’s swimming progress. After careful R&D, we are happy to introduce our special bootcamp that will help your child in continuing their learn-to-swim journey.

How it works?

First, we will deliver the curriculum via online classes before you proceed to our pool for a supervised practise sessions. We have a total of 39 modules in our baby syllabus and here’s a preview for one of it (please watch the video). There will also be Q&A session during the online class to ensure better understanding of the skill taught. 

We will run this special bootcamp for 2 weeks and here’s the details.


SGD85.60 per student (incl. GST)

The bootcamp consist of 2 online lessons + 2 supervised practice session + 2 self-practice session.

  • 2 x 30 minutes online lessons (once a week)
  • 2 x 30 minutes weekend supervised practice session (once a week)
  • 2 x 30 minutes weekday self-practice session

* Convert your existing lesson credit for this bootcamp is allowed


  • Online lesson 
    – Baby Class: Thu 7pm-9pm or Sat 9am-11am (Any 30 minutes slot)
    – Toddler Class: Fri 7pm-9pm or Sat 12pm-2pm (Any 30 minutes slot)
  • Supervised practice – Weekend 9am – 6pm (Any 30 mins slot)
  • Self-practice – Weekday 9am to 6pm (Any 30 mins slot)

Terms & Conditions

  • This bootcamp is open for all baby & toddler class (4 months to 4 years old) students only.
  • Prior booking is required for supervised practice and self-practice session
  • Weekend supervised practice session is valid until 10 October 2021. Please book your slots early.
  • Weekday self-practice session is valid for 3 months from the beginning of the bootcamp

Please let us know if you wish to register a slot in this bootcamp!