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First you will need to shower before heading into the pool. When you shower you will not only be able to remove surfaces on your skin that can collect chlorine but you will also be able to get a better feel for the water you will be going into. By showering down before going into a pool you will feel more comfortable when you do get into the water.

It will help to watch for the condition of the water in the pool. If a significant chemical odor is felt around the water you should not go in. You should instead get the water treated. Also, if the water looks slightly cloudy the water will need to be cleaned. Do not go into water that is cloudy. It is supposed to be clear and you should be able to see the bottom of the pool’s surface when before you go in.

Next you should look into the depth of the area you will be entering in. The pool area that you can plunge into safely will involve being very wide and will be deep enough to handle the entire diving process. A depth of at least ten feet is best. You should not be diving in shallow water or in water where the slope on the pool’s floor makes a sudden rise. This can cause injury if you dive in that area.

Some swimming pools can have separate swimming lanes for fast, medium or slow swimmers. If you do not see any information regarding what speeds these lanes are for you should ask a lifeguard for clarification.

The last tip to use involves checking on how others in the pool are swimming. You should look at the paces that people in the pool are using for their swimming activities. When you check these paces out you can find a lane in a pool where you will be able to swim at a rate that is closer to one that you can work with.

Be sure to use these swimming tips before you get into a pool. You will need to work to help to be sure you are safe and that you are swimming at a rate that can work with other swimmers in the pool.

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