Advance Swimming Program

Open Water Swimming takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceans, rivers and reservoirs. Being Competitive signifies having a strong desire to compete or to succeed. Lifesaving is the skill or practice of saving or protecting lives, especially of drowning persons.

What is Advanced Swimming?

Advanced Swimming takes your normal swimming skills to the next level by enhancing what you’ve already learnt and developing even better knowledge in both survival and lifesaving skills.

Who is Advanced Swimming For?

Advanced Swimming is for any Individuals who have already completed the SwimSafer syllabus and who wish to learn more about open water swimming, train for competitive swimming and/or develop skills in lifesaving to become a certified lifeguard

Where are Advanced Swimming Lessons Conducted?

For our Open Water SwimSafer program, we only have one location so far, which is at East Coast Park. As for our competitive swimming training and lifesaving courses, they are conducted in Fairway Country Club.

When are Advanced Swimming Lessons Conducted?

For our competitive swimming training, lessons are conducted every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30pm. As for our Open Water SwimSafer program and lifesaving courses, kindly contact us for the latest available schedule.

Why Happy Fish Swim School?

Firstly, we are a reputable swim school that has successfully enrolled more than 10,000 students into our various swimming programs. Secondly, our Open Water Swimming goes according to that of the SwimSafer’s syllabus by the National Water Safety Council. Thirdly, our Competitive Swimming allows you to earn an opportunity to take part in competitions. Furthermore, you will be training in a private pool with no interruptions from other swimmers. Apart from that, no entrance fees are required to enter the pool and free parking is also available. Finally, our Lifesaving Courses provides a systematic way to learn lifeguarding based on the Singapore Life Saving Society criteria. We also conduct our lifesaving tests every 3 months and invite those students who are deemed ready for it.

How to register swimming lessons?

First, choose your type of swimming lessons

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Advance Programme

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